Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ann Arbor, Mott Children's Hospital

Okay, I need to's late and this could be long, but I gotta get this all out before I myself forgets what the heck is going on! I just took a shower, after waiting a few days (so that felt GREAT!), so here goes...

Well, let me start off by telling you how we ended up here if you don't already know. Jordin has been sick for a long time...constant sinus issues, terrible daily coughing fits, puking...the whole works. The docs at DeVos just don't seem to be giving Jordin the attention she needs. She has been thrown on 9+ oral antibiotics in the past year. THAT is just not right. Something more needs to be done. Also, the GI doc there is not being much help about her puking issues and not trying to figure anything out. I am fed up with their course of actions w/ my child's health. They also screwed up when they were refusing to treat either of the girls for their psuedo cultures (mind you, Ashlee's first in 4 years and they weren't going to treat her!). So that right there did it. I am still SO upset with them over that is in a recent post if you hadn't seen it you can scroll down to find it. I think they have become overwhelmed in GR and don't have enough time for all their patients and it is taking a toll on some. They never even have a time they can schedule us for appts! Not even for Ashlee 3 months out! THAT is rediculous. They always have to 'open a spot' and call us later when they find one. But anyways...that's that. I have had enough.

Day 1
So anyways, I got our pediatrician to refer us to Ann Arbor's CF clinic for a second opinion, as she is concerned too and has always been there to help with anything I need. She referred us, and marked it Urgent...otherwise they were scheduling out to end of July/August...that was too long to wait in my opinion! So May 20th, the day finally came to see the new doc :o) What a rush! We met with all the people...respiratory, nutritionist, nurse, social worker, and Dr Filbrun. They were all great! I am REALLY loving this new doctor and I only met her a few times! I am SO comfortable with her! I can't stare anyone in the eyes hardly...but for some reason I can her! Wierd. Anywho, she talked with me for a bit and learned what has been going on. Then she said something of the sort "well, I'm going to listen to her a minute, but from what I get that has been going on with this coughing and illness and the orals not helping after so long...I think she should be admitted for IVs. (I forgot to mention that when we drove down here, I came kinda 'hoping' for much as I HATE being in the hospital...I KNEW it was what Jordin needed!) I right away was SO relieved that she said that! AND that made her relieved cuz she doesn't like to tell people tat when she first meets them! I told her I would have been disappointed if we had left without admission. So longer story short...then found us a room, got the ball rolling quickly! This place is on top of EVERYTHING! I am amazed! FAR from how things get done in GR. We got to our room, right away got a chest x-ray, blood draw, IV placed..AND later that night even got us in for a CT Scan of her sinuses (which we are still waiting on in GR lol...must cancel :o)) She did her CT Scan unsedated!!! I am one VERY PROUD MAMA of her!!! She did so well! She got strapped to a board and her head stuck in a foam pillow to hold it still and she never made a peep! It was so cute how good she was! I couldn't believe it! Well, that's it for day one I think.....

Day 2
They had scheduled her PICC for the morning, told me they were planning consious sedation! PICC nurse was confused why they would schedule her for consious sedation at age 2...I was also concerned. We decided to try and see what happened. They said they give her something called 'versed' I think and after the fact they don't remember anything. So I agreed and we just figured if it wasn't working out we would stop and wait til she could get in the OR. Needless to say, she wouldn't even allow her to put the ultrasound on her arm, so they were going to sedate her a little to start (but can only use so much during the whole procedure, so it was worrysome) and the IV seemed to be hurting her, so they stopped. I told the nurse I wasn't feeling the whole thing and we should wait and sedate her (put her out for it) she ended up being scheduled for Sunday (the next day..even though they don't usually do them then, she was special :o)) We did get to go out and play outside in the nice weather for a while later that day :O))) Jordin LOVED it!!!

Sucks we had to come back in! lol I think that was all the excitement for that day...with exception of her puking a few times...mostly when they had done pokes and owie stuff...she will start coughing and ends up puking :o( Well, actually, we had also met out roommate (yes, we have a roommate we gotta make the best of it I guess. He went home today and now we have a new little one.
Day 3
So today we woke up to them ready to take us down for Jordin's PICC placement. Everything went well with that, just a sore arm from that now. She also had her 3rd IV placed as the other one wasn't working, was they needed a new one for the sedation meds (so she has had 3 total in 2 days, along with a failed blown vien while trying to place one yesterday). She had a slight fever after surgery of her PICC, but wasn't too concerning as she had just had a surgery. Well, temp kept rising throughout the day...Motrin/tylenol rotation was not working the best...fever kept going up :o( Was up to 103.9 at one point ON MEDS! Her belly is really distended (I can see her intestines a little...sad). They brought up an x-ray machine to her bedside to do a tummy x-ray. Oh yeah, she has been puking alot this evening too :o( Anyways, the x-ray showed lots of air in her little tummy, but they didn't notice anything too concerning, so we tried to vent her tube...not much luck there either though :o( She had some more Motrin and her temp is down to 99 right now...and she is finally sleeping soundly...her belly is still big and I can slightly see and feel her intestines...worries me :o( My poor girl has been so miserable today. Love her to death <3 I am hoping that she can sleep throught the night without any issues...guessing the fever may be an issue after a while...but for now it's 'ok'. They said the sedation can slow down the bowels and that could be the cause of the distended belly...not sure how that warrants the fever...but for now it's a mystery. Hope she's okay in the morning.
We will be seeing all the docs while we're up here...GI and ENT.
It is going to be a long trip to go to clinic here for the girls, but I am really feeling this is the best option. I plan to switch both of their care here. They will have a new hospital in Sept and we won't have to share rooms anymore! I am trying to get us our own room this time around...I will get it soon! You wait! lol I have voiced all my concerns on that issue and will continue to! Possibility of going home with her IVs this time around is quite low since she is a new patient and they want to monitor her and get to know her and her issues. BUT there is a possibility...more or less in like a week if at all though. In the future we can prob take our IVs home after a few days and run them at home and be more comfortable, which will be nice.
Okay, well I think this is long enough...if I left anything out...I will try to include it next time.

Thanks for following along on our Journey! Remember May is CYSTIC FIBROSIS AWARENESS MONTH! Our Great Strides walk in Holland is not til the end of July for some reason, but we would love to have people join our team!!!
Good night!

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