Friday, August 14, 2009

Thriving and gaining!

Hi everyone!
Jordin is doing great at home! She had a weight check just the other day and is a whopping 8lbs 13.5 oz and thriving! She is such a hungry little girl and she sure knows how to tell us! She is also very spoiled and like to be held and attended to at all times! (We love it since we have missed so much time! Yet we do need to get some other things done too, and she is a fussy one when it comes to her getting the attention!)
I have started back at work this week and will be working part-time. Mon/Wed/Fri type of deal. It has been okay this week so far. I think Jordin knows and is not the fondest of the whole situation, but will get used to it. This week I just did half days, next week I will be full days on Mon and Wed. She doesn't go to sleep for Daddy while I am gone as she usually would so hopefully that will change so that Dewayne can get a few things accomplished while I am at work! She just likes to give him a hard time! :) I don't blame her!
I came down with sickness Sunday night, so I am still crossing my fingers that nobody else in the house gets sick!
Well, just wanted to let everyone know how well she is doing and post some pics! (If you can't tell, Ashlee loves her sister to death and just can't keep her hands off of her! She's just gotta be in every pic! :) )

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