Thursday, October 15, 2009

I's been a while!

We've been real busy here! Lets start with some excellent news! Ashlee has FINALLY made it to the 50th percentile for weight! It took 4 1/2 years...but she made it! She is now pushing 33 pounds! Not sure how, cuz she doesn't eat hardly anything! But somehow...she has made the doctors happy! Since we're talking about Ashlee I will tell you they have diagnosed her with a 'mild pulmonary exacerbation'. She has had a cough for a couple months on and off, that's all this means. She was put on antibiotic the other day at the clinic. Hopefully we can get her back to normal with no cough. Hopefully her culture comes back clean too. Other than that, Ashlee is doing great and loving school! She just missed her first day cuz she was coming down with a cold...hopefully it passes her easily! Dad had it, then Jordin, now Ashlee...I hate to think where that puts me!
Jordin is such a cutie pie! She has been doing well also. We had an incident where she started getting hives for a few days. We had an appt at the clinic so we waited til the next day to have them looked at,of course, by then they were going away (a good thing) we still don't know what she came in contact with that she was allergic to. Despite our carefulness and cleanliness, at that appt she cultured a bacteria called pseudomonas, which is found pretty much everywhere. (I later read on the CF website forum that the bacteria could have triggered the hives...not sure but possibly) So she was put on an antibiotic and a new nebulizer called TOBI. Which brought us to 13, yes...13, medications! Our house looks like a pharmacy!

We just had another clinic appt on Tuesday and she weighed 11 pounds! YAY!! Well, for me! LOL The docs of course are not happy enough with that! Oh well...give me 4 more years! She is in the 3rd percentile right now and has been steadily. She still eats great, much better thatn Ashlee ever has! She has been gaining about 1 pound each month. She also added one more medication for reflux. She is already taking Zantac for it, but try to help more with stomach acid for maximum food absorbtion we are going to use Prevacid 1 time and Zantac 1 time each day. I hope someday soon we can cut BACK on some meds!
She still gets up usually just once per night...thinks it's morning around 6:30-7...She pushes herself up in her bassinet until her head is protruding out the top (well it of course stops...I have a better pic of it, this one doesn't show as well) then goes to sleep. She's a hunny! We love her! She is full of smiles, as long as Mom is home. (well, she's getting better with Dad now we're working on Grandma Jill! She likes to scream out of control when she is not with someone she is used to when I or Dad are not around!)
Well, that's all for time I will try not to stay away so long! Hope I didn't forget anything important!

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