Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just wanted to update you all on Jordin's stay here. Things went great over the weekend (well, of course things would go smoothly while grandma stays...saved the dirty mess for mom :o))! My only problem I noted over the weekend was from Sat, grandma told me they did a blood draw then came back later to do it again stating that they 'lost' the last one! Are you kidding??? You lost her blood, now you're taking more? I would not have been happy if I were here and they WILL hear about that from me! Anyways, I got to spend the weekend home w/ Ashlee and got some much needed rest! THANK YOU Grandma!!! Jill is the BEST!
So, Monday night was another fasting night (of course they had to do a blood draw in the night and ended up waking her at 4:30 am :o( UGH! pissed me off!...no food/bottle after midnight, clears til 9am and nothing after that til after her bronchoscopy, which ended up being about 2:30 before she finally got to have a bottle. She was VERY happy to have that bottle! (and so was I after a long morning!!!)
Her bronch went very well and quickly. Dr. Millard found lots of mucous again and suctioned out as much as she could. Some of it had particle like stuff in it, we are hoping getting a bunch out will help her out some. All that will get sent in for a culture (which her throat culture from Tues came back clear, hoping for the same results with all this!) Dr Millard was concerned with all the mucous left even after beingon abx for a week already. She has also said that the tracheomalacia Jordin has is considered moderate. Her cough will be worse for a while after her bronch, but otherwise she is just happy go lucky climbing all around and trying to get into everything like normal again!

Oh yes, and AWESOME news is that she is gaining weight!!!! She has gained over a pound in a week and is now 17 pounds!!! She is eating very well! (Well when they let her!!) So happy for the weight gain and so were the docs!
I will be here through Thursday, I think Jill will be coming back up Thursday night so I can still prepare and have our yardsale this weekend :o) We have lots of crap to get rid of and could use the money! I think that's all the news for now...things should be pretty steady from here on out (I can only hope!). Just running these IVs and hoping we can get out of here in the 14 days planned :o) We'll keep you all updated...

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