Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, as you can tell...the blog is on the bottom of my 'to-do' list. Probably because I am not sure how many people actually READ the I am not sure if it is worth it or not. If I KNEW there were a bunch of people reading it, it may be bumped up on my list :o)

This has been a very sad week for the CF community. Conner, a sweet 7 year old boy, lost his battle to Cystic Fibrosis :o( This broke my heart...I am SO sad for his family, BUT he is 'breathing easy' now :o) His mom is the strongest women I have EVER gotten to know (only through FB and blog, but it feels like I KNOW the family)! She is an awesome woman! Please keep this family, Sarah, Brad, and the two little brothers, in your thoughts and prayers. ALSO, PLEASE wear RED in rememberance of Conner on Wednesday!!!!! Thanks for your support!

We are all doing well! Jordin had gained 2 pounds in the 2 weeks she was at the hospital!! Yay Jordin! Then she came home and came down with the flu 2 days later and I ended up taking her to Zeeland hospital for IV fluids due to a really high fever that was not going away all day and vomiting/diarrea...not the best combination for her! But, we did the IV fluids and got to go home within hours :o) SO, hoping she didn't loose too much weight during those days she was not up to par AND that she has continued to gain weight! She goes to her 1 year appt at the pediatrician tomorrow, so cross your fingers!!!

Jordin is WALKING all over now!!! She doesn't crawl much anymore! She looks so silly walking around cuz she is so tiny :o) It is so cute!!! LOL Gotta love it!

Down side...she has developed an increased cough AGAIN in the past week :o( She is coughing through the night, so not much sleep around my house lately. Hoping to stay off extra meds, but at the same time expecting for her to be put on more steroids :o( AGAIN! UGH!

Ashlee is doing GREAT! She just finished her Tobi last week and does not have any cough! She went to bible school last week and now I am signing her up for a bible class there on Tues and Thurs for the next month. She is pretty excited :o) She LOVES bible school!AND she learned to ride her bike without training wheels in a matter of 15 MINUTES!!! Yes, 15!!! LOL She is a smarty pants and glad to be riding a two-wheeler!

I was going to post videos of walking and bike riding, but this won't let me right now for some reason? Oh well!

Well, we are all mostly just happy to HOME together!
Hoping our next hospital stay is FAR AWAY in the FUTURE!

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