Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yes, that's right....we have ALL been sick :o( It has been a loooong week. Jordin and I got sick first, then Ashlee, then a domino effect all within a few days! Sore throats, body aches, snotty noses, coughing...yuck...all that nasty stuff! Jordin has kept a good attitude about it all, doesn't keep her down...a couple nights I couldn't run her feeding tube...but getting back on track! She has that nasty cough left over as always...hoping it goes AWAY SOON! Ashlee was down for a day or two...but wasn't going to let it keep her from school! She was so worried she would miss school! LOL Silly girl :o) She is still stuffed up and gaggy in the morning...hoping she doesn't develop a bad cough from it (what? I can hope! LOL) I am still all clogged up w/ a cough, so I can't expect them to be any better than me.
Clinic on Monday morning for both girls! BRIGHT and EARLY! Ashlee is concerned she is going to be late for school! ( I am kinda concerned too since it is picture day! Grrr...) Hopefully we can get her there on time for pics! Hoping for weight for both of them! Ashlee has been having issues drinking her Boosts, so not too convinced there :o( Hope Jordin has gained a little despite being sick! STILL waiting on insurance approval for Jordin's new tube formula...don't know WHY it has to take so long or WHAT I could do to make it happen faster.
SO many of my FB friends are having issues w/ their CF right now. I hope for the best for all of them, including Skye (many issues like Jordin), Eve (had a lobectomy at age 4 and is sick again), and Jordan(22 years old waiting for a 2nd double lung transplant and not doing so well with waiting so long). I am so happy to have met these people, even if it is just through internet. The list goes on and on though... It is scary what we have to go through. Just when I think WE have it bad...I look at these moms of these children and can't even imagine being in their shoes. Please keep them all in your prayers :o)
Hoping for a good clinic visit for us on Monday!!! Just wanted to slip in a quick update!

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