Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorry I have put this off so much. Things have been so busy and I have so much paperwork and crap to take care of, that this just didn't make the list. I wish I could be better about taking the time to update this more often. I will try my best! I am working my way to being caught up with things!
So, as most of you know, Jordin had her surgery on Tues, August 17th. She had the Nissen and a g-tube placed. She spent 3 days in the hospital and we got to go home by Friday morning! It was probably our shortest stay we will ever have! LOL She was in alot of pain for a few days or so. Then for a couple weeks it hurt her to cough, so we had to help with that cuz Jordin is a cougher!
For the first few nights of feeding, it went well. She had taken 2 cans of Pediasure throughout the night. Then about the 3rd or 4th night...she would start coughing about half way through the night. I would turn her machin
e off as the coughing had gotten bad and she would continue coughing for the next 2-3 hours :o( No sleep for us for a couple weeks. 90ml became her max through the tube.
She started Miralax, Reglan, tried new formulas...nothing worked...still causing her to cough. One night I decided to try putting more enzymes in her tube after 4 hours of running (about 2am). NO to minimal coughing! So, we have continued on with that and she is doing well! IF I neglect (or don't get up by alarm on time) to put her enzymes in...coughing! Weird! SO I have to make sure that she gets her enzymes in the night now! She is now using Peptamen Jr at night (well, until I ran out of the samples...waiting on order/insurance now)...it will be easier for her to digest. She is up to 320ml (40ml/hour x 8 hours) of the Peptamen. I have decided to put her at 8 hours rather than 10 cuz if she goes over the 4 hours without enzymes it causes coughing...so 10 was not a good number. Maybe in the future.
She hasn't really gained any weight yet...but we haven't gotten her figured out completely yet until now either, so hopefully NOW she will gain some weight!
Ashlee is now in Kindergarten! She is LOVING it! She goes 2 full days one week, then 3 days the next week...she is getting a Boost in the middle of the afternoon to keep her weight up.
Me, I am TRYING to work part-time still, but keep getting taken from work! Had to leave the other day to get the girls' flu shots, otherwise wait another month. Today, got a flat on the way to work...had to deal with that, was late! Grrr... Grandma has been a HUGE help to us and has been coming to our house to help with the kids! She is THE BEST grandma EVER! I couldn't do this without her! Dad still has training to do...grandma has little practice, but can do the basics :o)
Well, I will try to update sooner (as I say every time)...

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