Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Less than a week...

Jordin will have her surgery in less than a week! She stopped eating much of anything for a couple weeks...we think her reflux had gotten so bad, she just couldn't handle anything...everything made her gag :o( So, I pushed (and I mean I had to push hard to get anyone to listen) but I got her appt moved up w/ the surgeon. So we have seen the surgeon and scheduled her g-tube and Fundo surgery for Tuesday the 17th. It's coming WAY too quick! Not sure if I am ready for this! We did increase her Prevacid and she isn't gagging as much and started to eat a little more the past week, so at least she is getting something for the time being!
Ashlee started running a fever yesterday and was not feeling good, puked in her room last night and still has a temp this morning :o( Hoping whatever it is, Jordin don't get it before surgery. Hopefully Ashlee will recover quickly...she was pretty down this morning when I left for work.
I just wish we could catch a break somewhere! I don't see one yet on the road ahead! Hopefully soon? Please pray that everything goes smoothly with Jordin on Tuesday and that Ashlee and Jordin can be healthy!!! Thanks everyone for your support!


  1. skyes goes in on the 24th to the OR, i hate the anticipation of SCHEDULED surgeries. I think I handle the emergency ones better i think.

  2. I can agree there! I have been trying to get everything done before we get admitted...but it is nearly impossible! Before, we were just are being admitted passing go, no going nothing!

    Just got the pre-op call today...gotta call back cuz I was at work...

    Can't believe it is coming so soon! At first it seemed so far it is a few days away! Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!!! What torture to have to think about it so long! Hope all goes well w/ Skye and they can get her feeling better... STUPID CF!!!!!!!