Friday, November 12, 2010

Clinic with TWO

Wow, you could never imagine being in the doctors office for 2 hours w/ a five year old and an 18 month old. Seems like an eternity! What a stressful 2 hours!
Get both weights/heights/pulse-ox/temp and whatever else they need...that's the easy part! LOL (Well, Jordin HATES for me to set her on the scale to weight and measure her, but other than that they do well with this part!)
So then we sit and wait...sit and wait...going insane trying to keep them occupied til the doc finally comes in! THEN, I am trying to converse with the doc and Jordin is getting into things, Ashlee won't stop yapping...and so on. The WORST part that almost gave me a heart attack...I turn my back for sanitizer for 1 minute and what do I see when I turn back around?!?!?! JORDIN picking her fruit loops up OFF THE FLOOR and SO close to putting it into her mouth! You can bet I almost FREAKED out! LMAO I told the doctor, as jokingly as possible...but FAR from joking...that I am glad we hadn't done the throat cultures yet, cuz I am sure we will have something by the time we get out of there!
NOW the doc goes to get them crayons and stuff. Don't tell them that Jordin colored on the wall while I was, again, trying to converse with the doc! LMAO What a mess though, I HATE going to clinic! It takes too darn long in that office! that I have vented about our visit, I will tell you how it went 'health' wise :o)
Ashlee is just above the 25th percentile, which earlier this year she was as the we have lost some on the chart percentage wise. BUT she still went up a number since last 36 pounds, so they want me to continue our positive reinforcement w/ the silly bands to drink her Boost and eat her meals. It seems to be going well so far, so hopefully we can keep this up!
Ashlee was quite healthy otherwise :o) YAY!

Jordin...thinking she's got it down pat already :o)

Jordin is now in the 25th percentile for BMI! She is moving on up! YAY! Great news! She now weighs 19 pounds 3 oz! Let's keep that up too! We are still working w/ her feedings/meals as she has a hard time tolerating it. I just don't get it. I am kinda irritated w/ the doc there. I told him how I have read up on Slow Gastric Emptying and that it TOTALLY fits Jordin. I told him I am convinced it is what she has. He looked at me and said "I'm sure she does". That was pretty much all he had to say about it! I asked him, "well shouldn't she be tested for it?". He said since they have the upper GI scheduled, we will do that test and then go from there. Well, she had an upper GI in May, showed nothing we needed! WHY are we going to do another one which in turn will just lead to doing other tests?!?! Grrr... Why not just do the gastric emptying test to begin with? They have ruled out other things already! WTF? Why are they wasting our time like this? It just makes me so mad. I don't have time to waste and Jordin has been through enough. We just want to get to the bottom of it all. She does seem to be doing better w/ eating and her Boosts during the daytime :o) Good sign! I have brought her down to only 3 feedings per day, rather than the 4 they want. This gives her tummy more time to digest before her next feeding.
Anyways, I am happy she has shown a plus in weight for now. Hopefully we can keep going up from here! For both of them! LOL
We were doing good w/ Jordin's feedings the past week prior to the night, not so night after that...not so great either :o( Grrrr.... I hate having her coughing in the night from her feeding. And I can't keep her propped up either! She wiggles her way out in a matter of minutes! I am up and down all night long trying to keep her propped up.
So we go to the surgeons on Monday. The doc will show me how to change out Jordin's Mini One button and she will get a new button in :o) Then her Upper GI on Tuesday and then more feeding therapy on Thursday. I am worn out from having all these appts in GR. Our whle day has to be planned around them. Like our days don't have enough planning in them!
Also Ashlee's Parent-Teacher conferences on Monday night. See how Ashlee's doing in Kindergarten!
Ashlee, fell asleep in her Vest playing on the computer. Tired much?

I think that's all for now. Got everything off my chest! LOL Hope everyone else is doing well!

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