Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Where do I start?

Well, it has been quite a week already. Hard to believe it is only Tuesday? Wow. So anyways, I called clinic on Monday cuz Jordin's cough had increased. We were going to start abx on Friday if she had not improved, BUT I really thought she had improved, so I didn't want to call and start abx. Well, by Sunday night she was coughing in the night :o( So I decided I better call on Monday and see what the doc says.

Went to Ashlee's PT conferences... GREAT news as expected! Ashlee is doing wonderful :o) A little smarty pants. A few thing to work on, but overall doing her best in school! I was all hyped up about the great report on Ashlee to get home and find out on a message that Jordin needs to start Tobi and Cipro. Well, that could only mean pretty much one thing...she cultured Pseudomonas again :o( I confirmed that with the cinic on Tuesday morning on the way to her upper GI appt. SO, that will tac on another 30-45 minutes to or morning and evening treatments. Wow...not sure how...but we will do it! She hasn't wanted to wear her mask again, so that will be an issue to. Her cough today is viscous. My poor baby girl :o( We Need to get this bacteria out of her lungs. She don't need it!

Her upper GI went well, in a sense...her Nissen is working wonderfully and there is no reflux! WHAT? That is crazy. Then WHY is she puking on average at least every other day???????? I am shocked w/ the result today. I seen it myself. Nothing was coming up! Se was crying, screaming, and coughing...and nothing. The coughing and crying def triggers it at home, so I am stunned. It was sad though. She hated it. They strapped her down and shot a bunch of yucky Barium mixture into her mouth, forcing her to drink large amounts of it, while she cried and gagged :o( I hate watching her go through all this :o( I just wish the test would have showed SOMETHING. I mentioned the slow gastric emptying to the tech and he said that she was emptying great as well. Her small bowels were already filling up as we watched. Interesting.

Oh and Jordin got her first new button change on Monday! She has a nice shiny new button :o) It was very simple. I mentioned the slow gastric emptying to the surgeon as well and he said if the upper GI showed nothing, he would order the test for that. So, we'll see if that is still what he wants to do. I think we are about at a stand still. Not sure what comes next? Scared for Jordin though.

Will keep you updated :o) As you can see, she is still keeping her spirits up! She is such a happy baby when she is allowed to be! FUCF!

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