Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So much...

I don't know what it was that kept me away from here for so long...but something did! I guess I feel I don't always have the time or energy to sit and type up a whole blog. IDK But I always feel good once I get it all out and posted!
So, alot has happened since I last posted. Jordin ran that course of abx for the Psuedo, then 3 days before finishing her Cipro, started getting sick again. Her culture at the clinic was clear, had slight irritation in her ear and a bad sinus infection. She was then put on another abx, Omnicef, to clear all that up! So, as you can imagine we have been on increased treatment for what seems like FOREVER! Jordin hardly EVER gets a break from increased treatments! During the last abx, she got diarrhea and we got on a probiotic too...not sure we can keep it though...could hardly get the ins to pay for this dose! So, now she has finished the last abx and seems to be improving daily :o) FINALLY!
Forgot to mention, during the last abx round as well, Jordin came down with a yucky stomach bug which left her puking and laying in one spot hardly moving for about 24 hours straight :o( My poor baby was NOT feeling well at all! Glad it only lasted the one day and I was able to keep her hydrated!
Jordin also had her 18 mo check up...she looks great! (to the ped that is! lol) And the pediatrician is looking in to why her referral to GI was never taken any further...driving me nutz! Jordin doesn't constantly puke....but it is frequent enough to get sick of it! I HATE puke! I am SO
sick of cleaning up puke! Grrr... Still not sure myself what exactly is causing the puke...not always the same circumstances. Alot of the time it is cuz she gets worked up...the littlest crying will help to induce her puking :o(
Ashlee is going to be 6 years old tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! She is so excited! She is having a party with her friends this weekend :o) I don't know if I told you guys, but Ashlee got 10 inches chopped off her beautiful curly head and is donating it to Locks of Love :o) Bad news for her...she came down with a bad cold/cough last Thursday :o( She missed school Thurs and is staying in from recess for now when she has school. Hopefully it passes quickly. It has been just about a year since her admission...
Along with all that, my family is not in the healthiest of conditions either :o( Many heart attacks and other medical problems going on with my grandma's and my own Dad :o( My dad is still young and has had 3 heart attacks :o( I hope he can find it in him to stick around as he is my daughters' only grandpa! Please pray t hat my family finds good health right around the corner! Way too much stress to be dealing with!

Good thing I got these silly girls to keep me smiling :o)


  1. Awh! You guys are having such horrible luck for the start of this new year...I will be praying so hard for ALL of your family, and that things start looking up quickly! Hang in there warrior Momma! <3 <3 <3