Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pneumonia :o(

Well, I'll start by saying...things kinda suck around here right about now :o/ Not the best of weeks.

(They only 'look' sweet and innocent! lol Just kidding! They ARE sweet 'most' of the time!)

I'll start with Ashlee. She has had a cough for over 2 weeks. Saw the ped at 2 weeks and she said she sounded good, so she would give her another week to knock it out herself. Well, she is not imroving, so I assume she will be on abx soon. She is on increased treatments already of course. She had a low fever the other night, but nothing else the next day. Otherwise doing well and only missed 1 day of school for this (except the snow day they had). I think that is her 2nd absence so far this year. Doing good :o)

She did turn 6!!! That's GREAT news! She's getting so old! lmao

Now Jordin...this may take a while! lol Jordin started w/ dirrhea last Saturday :o( Then come Monday night, she started puking...puked many times. Every time she would start to fall asleep she would start puking again :o( Low grade fever for the next few days. Tuesday and Wed she layed on the floor w/ a pillow ALL day long. Sleeping on and off, laying and eating a few bites of food here and there and also drinking water. Wed afternoon I got some Pedialyte. Started bolusing that. By 10pm she was sitting up, snacking a little still. Took her to the ped on Thursday cuz she was still having diarrhea and her cough had increased more :o/ She was satting O2 at 93% so the doc gave us a treatment to give her, then she was up to 97. BUT her lung was sounding junky. X-ray. Pneumonia :o( New oral abx and steroids. Man I got a video of Jordin taking her steroids like a champ and I (stupid me) accidentally deleted it! SO mad at myself! Hopefully I can get her to do it again tomorrow! lol Hoping for improvement by Monday. Still a bad cough and she is REALLY cranky and irritable. (See Below hahaha)
Not like Jordin to be this way? Oh yeah, still diarrhea...had to collect a sample (OMG what a job! I will spare you the details...just know it sucked! lol) Finally got a sample Fri night, dropped it off Sat morning at the lab. Testing for C-Diff :o/ Please pray it is NEGATIVE! I am sure I will hear tomorrow. I am so nervous. Pray for neg results PLEASE! <3

She tries to help out when she can :o)

Me? Oh, well...I think I am a wreck. I try to put on this happy face and make everyone think I am grand...but really I just want to cry. Both kids are sick...same shit same time as last year! Well, Jordin's been on 3 abx since like Oct I think. 1 after another. I have to know in the back of my mind that an admission is soon approaching :o( I just don't know how I will handle it? Hopefully we can stay out, but I am trying to prepare myself for the possibility.
Another thing that is killing me inside right now is my Grandma. I always call her. We talk for hours on end. I do nebs, vests, feedings, whatever while I am on the phone with her. She means so much to me. I called her the other night (I had just talked to her a few nights prior) and my aunt told me she can't even get out of bed by heself anymore. She can't hold a conversation with me anymore. Wasn't sure if she would even say anything to me. She did say a few words, I told her I loved her and she told me the same and that was our phone call. 1 minute. maybe not even that long. My aunt was holding the phone for her :o( She is old. And unhealthy. I know her time is coming...I just don't want it to. I can't take all this right now. It's killin' me.

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