Saturday, February 12, 2011

The 'not so great' news...then the 'great' news.

Well, as most of you know already, Ashlee was diagnosed w/ pneumonia as well last Tuesday. So she started abx and steroids too. She has been having a hard time w/ treatments (coughing and puking up mucous for about 1/2 hour straight) and still coughing all day long. She has missed the whole week of school :o( Hoping to just bring her in for her Valentine party on Monday w/ a mask on. There are 6 kids out sick in her class so the teacher says she is scared for her to come to school even if she does improve! OMG! How do I know when it's safe again?!?! Anyways, she had x-ray and labs done on Thurs to check for mono and check her lungs (Later I will tell you why the mono). Her lungs were junky, but no more pneumonia and bloodwork was neg and looked fine :o) So, we are just waiting for her to improve, I guess...if she doesn't improve by Monday they will swab her for Pertussis (Whooping cough)...unlikely...but who knows anymore in this house! So that's Ashlee...about where we were last year at this time except she was in the hospital right now last year! Jordin has been sick nonstop lately :o( Wed night I came home from work to find her not feeling well and spiking a fever. I called the ped on call (happened to be ours :o)) and she said to take her to ER in GR! Planning on admission :o( We got admitted finally aournd 2am. She had spiked fever of 103.5 while in ER still. Every day since she has been still getting a fever. They have run many tests, poked her poor little arm too many times and dug around a couple times. Also did a urine catheter in ER to get urine. Her liver enzymes were elevated and white blood cells we low. They have been waiting for all that to get back to normal...have been running IV abx...done all kinds of cultures and tests and everything comes back neg. Was leaning towards Mono, but that is now neg too :o) NOW I am sick so she is at the hospital w/ Grandma taking care of her. Couldn't do this all without her <3 They figure it is a virus. Supposedly she is still 99. something today temp...the doc said she cultured some Psuedomonas conlonies, BUT they are switching her to inhaled Tobi and oral Cipro and SENDING HER HOME TOMORROW! That plan sounds AWESOME, but I am concerned about stopping the IV meds when she is growing Pseudo?? Can't wait to get her home, but I hope it is not going to bite us in the ass down the road. I assume we should be on every other month Tobi now cuz this is her third time culturing Psuedo :o( The ONE plus here..was that we were in the brand NEW children's hospital!!! VERY nice :o) Update on my grandmas...My grandma Cherie is home now doing well and my grandma Sullivan is still in the hospital and not able to talk understandably or understand what is going on :o( Please pray she improves <3 Possible small strokes? Waiting on more test results.

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  1. So glad to hear Jordin's home now ... let's hope and pray that your "gut feeling" doesn't come to happen now! Jordin seems like such a happy little girl ... something you wouldn't expect from someone that's so sick all the time ... Take one day at a time and don't be going without sleep!!! The house can wait ... your girls need you more :) Take Care Girl!!!