Monday, March 7, 2011

Clinic Update!

Well, both girls did WONDERFUL at clinic today! Both had blood draws...was quite the scene I tell ya :o) haha We got redirected through the hospital cuz the place we normally get labs done at was having issues w/ someone, so nobody was avail to do the kids labs. So, they got us in and we made it to our appt 15 minutes late. And of course, Jordin can't be away from me and Ashlee wants me to hold her for her draw it was funny. lol Total time for blood and appts today was around 3.5 hours (not including the drive) :o/ Fun. That place is so stressful w/ 2 kids in a little room for 2+ hours! At least we have good news in the end of it! Ashlee was perfect, even gained another pound! She's 43.4% BMI! I still say it's gotta be the Mountain Dew she has been drinking! lol I can't think of anything else that would be making a difference. That's 2 pounds in the last month and a half! AND in the midst of being sick!
Jordin still has SO much snot in her nose each day. They were going to slap her on another round of abx, but we talkked about it and decided to hold off for a minute. We are going to add another nasal spray and see if it helps. Otherwise I guess we'll be starting abx AGAIN. Hopefully not though. Of course, they don't say much about her puke(and she is back to puking again the last 3 days)...but I did get him to talk a little about it and he thinks they will prob look at trying continuous feeds. We go to GI next week! FINALLY! Oh, and she is 21.9% BMI.
But, needless to say, the doc was SO excited that they were doing so well after such a bad bout the last 2 months! YAY!
THEN we got home to find we're locked out :o( I lost my key and Dewayne had thought I got new ones made, so he locked the door when he left! Jordin was sleeping, so Ashlee and I just hung out and read some stuff for over a half hour. After Joridn woke up I got them out to play (Jordin don't really like the cold though). Then Ashlee had been at the neighbors telling them we were locked out. He came and broke in for us ;o) Good to know it was so easy! NOW I gotta make that not so easy! OMG!

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