Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life as we Know it.

Hello :o) Hopefully I can keep this kinda short and sweet, but I know it might get long. ALOT has happened since my last post.
We tried Jordin's newest Nasonex nose spray, hoping to clear up some of her congestion. No such luck. We went to the neurodevelepmental doc (pictured below) last week, then the GI doc shortly after!
Visited the Children's Museum in between :o) SOO much fun!
Anyways, nothing the neuro doc said really had any impact on what was going to happen. Seeing as how we are seeing her for the puking issues and we were just about to have our fist consult w/ GI hours after that. She mentioned a couple different formulas we could switch her to and another med we could try and also made note of a gj tube recommendation.
At our GI appt, we talked about possible causes, and the doc was mostly stumped as I have been! lol He ocnsidered the med the other doc had recommended, but was hesitant. We agreed to start w/ getting her a back pack and running her feeding pump 3 times a day for an hour, in place of the bolus feeds she gets right now. This was a week and a half ago and I still have yet to recieve the backpack! The nurses never were told to order it...I ended up ordering it myself on Fri last week (did not know I could do that else I would have to begin with!). Still have yet to see it though. I guess I will call Airway and see tomorrow again.
We also considered her sinuses playing a huge role in all this. (Oh, I forgot to mention, Jordin went ALL of Feb without puking, then started back up in March again?? its been over a week since she's puked again, except last night when she got mad about going to bed) SO we had to start another abx :o( Grrr...She has done well on it though, BUT it hasn't done anything good really. I took her to the pediatrician on Wed morning. She says it doesn't look infected, but there's def lots of snot and boogers, every day :o( She doesn't even want her nose touched anymore. She used to let us wipe it or clean it out no problem. But we have overdone it w/ so much problems every day, now she hates it. We started her on Claritin to see if it helps any, and she got bloodwork done today to screen for any resp allergies. Will know soon if she will be referred to an allergist or and ENT. The clinic wanted me to do sinus rinses on her! LOL I tried one night, got 50 ml through her nose. Next night, one squirt and NO more! She will not allow it anymore :o( Poor kid.

NOW, for Ashlee...she started w/ a high fever last Wed, and it lasted until Sunday! I noticed on like Fri or something that her eye was red. Didn't really think anything cuz figured she was getting a bad cold or something. Realized Sunday that it was pinkeye!
Called the ped on Monday and they said to just call if it got worse. It never had much stuff come out of it, mostly was just red/pink and watery. She said it hurt a little but not itchy. It seems to be all better now :o) She sounds junky though and has a runny nose still. Her nebby tonight was making her cough which only happens when she's sick. And she missed another week of school :o( She has missed 8+ days already (she only goes part time to begin with!) She missed a storybook parade the kindergarteners were putting on. I didn't even tell her! I am not sure she even knows now :o/ lol

I am personally finishing up and abx for my own sinus infection! I got this same crap last year and couldn't get rid of the sinus infection! I think it is the same this year! I seem to still have the post nasal drip in the back of my throat :o( Grrrrrr.........I have NEVER had any kind of allergy or sinus problem! Oh forgot to tell everyone, some prob know, but we got a new van! A new used van of couse, but I love it! It is a Pontiac Montana! Seats 8! It is super nice and we got a great deal on it! Had to let go of our Grand Prix. I am going to stop here cuz I have spent way too much time here! lol I need to hook up Jordin's tube yet and get to bed! I will update again soon w/ anything I may have missed!

Oh! One last thing! I got Jordin her own Vest machine and a new pink full vest!! Lovin' it!!!!! Yay!!!!! Alright, see ya'll later!

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