Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back pack, Back pack :o) lol

Can you see we've had some nice days and have gotten some outside time lately!!! Didn't last too long, but at least we got to play a little! That's her in her little backpack!

BACK TO REALITY! lol Well, it never fails lately...Jordin is on her SIXTH!, yes, 6th antibiotic since November. It was her sinuses yet again, which in turn is causing a nasty cough to go along with it :o/ She is on another 3 week course. We are about 13 or so days in right now, so not much longer...She is doing well, but it always goes this way...a week after abx ends, we are back to square one. Her cough is not the greatest though. She has been doing really good with all her nose drops and sprays too :o) She is a pro! Still looking for the one that disappeared...good thing for refills! lol I have a feeling it went down the toilet first! Which brings me to tell you what Jordin did last week!

She flushed our bath tub plug down the toilet! It costed us enough for them to come get it out too! lol It was quite funny though, regardless of the cost :o) haha
I got our pediatrician to refer her to an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor. We see them on the Friday! Hopefully we will get some answers about her nose there. She can't keep being on these abx ALL the time, year round. It's getting really old.
Oh, and she has started using her new feeding backpack! She is doing REALLY well with it! We had some puking episodes the week before she was put back on abx, but nothing since I switched her formula during the day. I asked them 2 weeks ago if we could switch to the Peptamen during the day (since we were already using it at night and she seems to tolerate it better). It took them 2 weeks to decide to switch it! I had already switched is since we had extras and I was able. Just waiting for them to adjust our WIC. Turns out we will actually be switching to the Peptamen 1.5 during the day...BUT anyways, she just wears her backpack like another peice of clothing 2 times per day for 2 hours each time. She's such a cutie :o)
I ALSO got the pediatrician to get us an urgent appt for a second opinion over in Ann Arbor! OMG! We go on May 20th! I can't believe it! Going to have to make sure I am extra prepared for this one! (we go to our clinic for both girls on the 27th of the week following Jordin's ENT appt.) Hoping things at the new clinic go well. Will be kinda weird though, going to see new docs. Hope we like them! Sucks it is 2.5 hours away though.

Ashlee has been doing VERY well...hoping she gains back her 2 or more pounds by the time we go to clinic on the 27th!!!! She is finally going to school without a scene again as well! Lots of school field trips coming up! Hopefully she can stay healthy through them all! Greenhouse, Zoo, and the Pool! She just got done going to the butterfly gardens w/ all her Girl Scout buddies!

Just wanted to update you with some of whats been going on here. Hopefully I didn't miss any important tidbits...

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