Sunday, October 30, 2011

We're trying :o/

We're trying to stay out of the hospital, but things just aren't looking too well. Jordin had started the Levaquin which just wasn't kicking in soon enough to allow her to sleep at night, SO after 4 days we switched it to Bactrim (since I knew she could sleep at night taking that) and planned an admit for Nov 11th w/ bronchoscopy and ct scan of the lungs. (reason for the wait will come) BUT on the 5th day (what would have been the 5th day of Levaquin) she sounded extra junky, I thought MAYBE this was the Levaquin working and maybe it was a bad idea to have stopped it!
So, I emailed the nurse and asked her if we should start it back up and just stay on both of them, and it was agreed that we should continue on with both antibiotics. Now, we are waiting out this admit due to the fact that WE wanted to enjoy Halloween, for one, AND then next week when we would be admitted OUR dr will be gone to a CF conference out of town for the week :o/ SO that would mean that the attending dr. would perform her bronch and decide most of her care for the week. I REALLY want HER dr. to be the one to do this. SO we are trying to get Jordin through until she returns and is free to do the bronch! Not sure how long we'll end up there, but they need to address her never ending cough and her vomiting. Poor kid :o(
In the meantime, we are enjoying time at HOME! and we will be going trick or treating tomorrow night!
Jordin is gonna be Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba, and Ashlee is going to be a princess riding a unicorn! I also will be helping with Ashlee's Halloween party at school and she has a costume parade too!

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