Thursday, November 10, 2011

ER, DeVos, Ann Arbor...

Well, it's been pretty eventful since I last posted (what's new?!). I'm just going to try to stick to specifics and leave out all the other crazy crap that happens on a daily basis. lol So, just last Sunday (time change, extra hour to 'waste')...we're sitting there just relaxing and being lazy when all of a sudden Jordin has to puke (nothing unusual!). I quick get up and grab her bucket and run back to her just in time for her to vomit. She's working it up as usual and all of a sudden I see something gray coming out of her mouth! My first instinct? A toy or something she swallowed and I didn't know about. After getting a better look and realizing there was no way we could pull it out? I am freaking out asking Dewayne what the hell she is throwing up and choking on! Dewayne and I look at each other and immediately realize we need to rush to the ER! Gather up Ashlee and speed to the ER, disregarding other cars on the road as well as stop lights! lol I run into the ER carrying Jordin while she continues to choke and gag and puke around whatever the heck is protruding from her throat (feeling like I'm on that show "Trauma: Life in the ER"! haha) yelling to everyone that my baby needs help! Dr immediately recognizes it as her feeding tube! It was the J tube! It had worked it's way out I guess and she vomited it up :o( The doctor right away got the supplies to deflate her balloon and removed the GJ tube and out came the tube from her throat, resulting in much relief for poor Jordin and I! It was the most horrifying thing I have had to see yet I think. They check for aspiration, talked to the doc on call in Ann Arbor, and a while later we were free to go home :o) With the plans of going to Devos in the AM the next day to have her GJ tube replaced. It went alot smoother than I anticipated! We were in and out of there in NO time! They didn't even need to sedate her as I expected :o) So, now we just hope THAT doesn't happen again! NOW, Jordin and I are sitting at the Red Roof Inn, awaiting the morning when she will have a CT scan of her lungs as well as a Bronchoscopy. She has been on Bactrim AND Levaquin for over 2 weeks now and is still sickly :o( We will be admitted after the bronch. Hoping that this stay will finally shed some light on the issue and maybe we can get Jordin on the right track, lung and digestive! She just can't deal with this crap every day anymore! The kids did get to enjoy their Halloween! They def made it well worth it! They accumulated over 7 pounds of candy! Ashlee had a bit of a fever last night, so hopefully that was nothing! She didn't have a fever at all today before Jordin and I left :o) We're gonna miss her! Wish us luck tomorrow! I just wanted to update everyone what is going on at the moment! I will try to update about the bronch and CT asap! Thanks for all the prayers for Jordin! She NEEDS them!

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  1. Prayers & hugs!!!! You are such a good mom ... The girls are lucky to be loved so much <3