Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy little girl!

Jordin has been such a happy girl lately! She is eating real well. She is now up to 38ML every 4 hours, she needs to get to 90ML. They are giving her 4 more every 12 hours until she can't handle it anymore. I fed her last night and she seemed to lose interest toward the end already, about the last 5mls were a struggle to get her to take. She did take it a few minutes later. Hopefully she continues to eat more and it doesn't bother her. If she does well they said it would be about 9 days til full feeding. At that point they will be able to take her broviac IV out of her chest.
She still has a cough but her cultures did not grow anything so they are holding off on any antibiotics. She is getting the nebs and chest pt still. I guess they are just hoping she fights whatever it is off.
She is very happy though and smiling all the time! I think she likes to be on her belly too. She looked so comfy one day when I showed up.

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