Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mixed news

Well, the great news is that Jordin is eating a small amount as of last night (only 8ml) and is doing well with it so they will probably start upping her feeds fairly quickly now. She pooped 3 times today, her third being while I was there and it continued through the diaper change...I tell ya, once they start they don't stop! haha She is healing well from surgery and loving the food finally! So taht is awesome news!
Then the not so great news is that she had a bronchioscopy (they went down her air ways with a camera) to see what is causing all this coughing. (don't mind my spelling in the next few sentences!) While down there they also did a lavage (shot salt water in and sucked it back out for a sterile culture). She did really well with the procedure and came off oxygen quickly as always. They saw a lot of thick secretions in her lungs and lower airways that they don't typically see in infants. We are waiting for the culture results to come back. At that point the will decide if she needs to be on 2 week IV antibiotics, which would tack on another 2 weeks to her stay for sure.
She is up to 7 pounds 13 ounces...plumping right up for us...hopefully this continues! She always gets this real expressive look like 'what is going on?'! It is too cute! She's kind of got it in this picture. She's so sweet! I can't wait to get her home!

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