Monday, July 20, 2009

Want to hear the words...

Jordin has been doing very well! She has worked her way up to full feedings and will be able to get her broviac out of her chest soon! She gets to eat on demand every 2-4 hours. She has tried breastfeeding a couple times, but prefers the bottle cuz it comes out alot faster and she is a piggy! Hopefully the doctors order for that to happen today...we'll see.
Her jaundice may be taking it's time to get better but they did an ultrasound on her liver and have ruled anything bad out there. That was relieving! They said this should not hold her discharge date back any. We had a meeting with the doc on Friday and he said 1-2 more weeks. If everything keeps going as well as it has been the past couple days I am hoping to hear the words 'discharge' or 'home' by the end of this week! Not keeping my hopes up though. Don't want to be disappointed when it is not.
Her cough is still there, just seems to be getting better. I guess we just continue treatments as far as the lungs go.
She is very happy and content though! She likes to be held and cuddled, so she gets much attention there. :) Wish I could do it more! Very soon, very soon... Can't wait!

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