Sunday, June 28, 2009

All put back together!

Jordin had her 'reattachment' surgery on Thursday afternoon. She did very well with surgery again and came off all breathing help right after surgery. They also took her appendix out during surgery. They said she doesn't need it and that people with CF have a tendency to get appendicitis, so this will keep her from having to worry about that. She was in quite a bit of pain and they could only give her so much pain meds cuz otherwise they would have to help her breathe if she was too sedated. It was sad...she had her eyes shut and would just whine a little every couple minutes. I felt so bad. I just wanted to stay there with her all night! They did increase her meds little by little after that to make her comfortable but you could still see her pain. She is doing alot better now though.
The doctors want to see that her bowel is moving before she is able to start eating again. Not sure exactly what they are waiting for, I guess a poop, but I don't understand what she will poop out if she hasn't eaten. They know what they are doing though. I just can't wait til she can eat! She's hungry! They said about a week in the beginning, so we'll see. Once she comes up to full feeds she should be good to come home! Possibly a couple to three more weeks yet though.


  1. Oh Girl! That seems so long yet .... I know it's got to be hard for you with all this waiting!! It's nice to see daddy holding her :) Need one of you now! God will watch over your little one and will guide the doctors and nurses ... we don't have to understand, just hold HIS hand and let HIM guide. It's all bigger than you and I but HE knows all ... She can still come home sooner so just stay focused on the progress :) You're all in my prayers!!

  2. Thank You! That pic of Dewayne turned out so well and he wasn't even posing for the camera, he had just turned his head at the right time when I was taking the picture! haha He turned right back after that, so I caught it just in time! I will try to post one of me next time.