Thursday, June 4, 2009


They have begun to feed her mucous fistula (the bottom half of her tube) which will help train her colon. She is now pooping in her diaper as well as the bag. They are taking out what's in her bag and feeding that through the mucous fistula. That has been going well. Only thing is the amount of feedings she is getting...she was getting 18 ml every 3 hours and has now been dropped to 5 ml every 3 hours. She was having too much output and not enough was being digested, so in other words it was useless. I am bummed she can't have more cuz she was loving it! Now she gets done with the 5 ml and she is wondering where the rest of it is! :( Hopefully this does not bring on the jaundice that they said she may develop, it is a very small amount of milk.

Also, her cough has gotten worse and the last chest x-ray showed more haziness. They were going to change her antibiotic, but instead just discontinued it and plan to watch this cough very closely. They have upped her nebulized meds and CPT though.When I called today, the nurse says she hasn't been coughing a lot today but it does sound wet/productive. I really don't like it. They did another throat culture...we'll see if it grows anything in a few days.
She is up to 6 lbs 5 oz though! That is good she is gaining weight! She still likes to sleep for Daddy though. He must be real comfortable! With me I can hardly get her to go to sleep and let me put her down! I can't stand leaving with her eyes open though! Poor little girl! She is such a little hunny. I wish I could be there for her more. Please pray for her.

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