Sunday, June 14, 2009

Too many nebulizers!!

Jordin has been doing well, considering all that is going on! They are trying to fight her cough. She is now on 3 nebulizeds meds: Pulmozyme, Albuteral, and TOBI; she gets 2 of them twice a day and the other every six hours. (there is a picture of her doing her nebs w/ the turtle face) Twice a day she gets all 3 one after another, that is at least 40 minutes of non-stop nebs, she doesn't like it much...they also do her chest pt at the same time, she seems to like that better cuz it is a bit relaxing. She is coughing up some stuff after all that which is good, cuz she needs to get it all out! They are also giving her a med to try to fight the bacteria that is bothering her, they want her to be prepared for surgery. The word on surgery is 'around' the 25th. They have not set the date yet. Hopefully she is healthy enough on time!
Another thing she has developed is Thrush. I guess it is yeast growing on her tongue...they say alot of babies get it. They are going to treat that with a med that gets wiped in her mouth after feeding so it sits in there.
Some good news~her feedings have been moved up from 5 to 15ml! They first moved her from 5 to 10, now I found out today she is getting 15, so she must be handling that better. She is up to 7 lbs 5 oz! She's gaining weight great!
(She's so funny with her big eyes! They crack me up! They're so adorable!)

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