Friday, June 19, 2009

Movin' Up in the World

She's movin' on up! She has been moved into a cool crib w/ more room! She's got a musical moving fish screen in her bed too! Cherie Grandma made her another blanket she can use now, it has her name on it. We also got to bring her bouncy seat up to the hospital, so she is getting some activity. When we turned on the vibrate function, she just curled her eye brows wondering what the heck that was! She got lots of quality time with Ashlee the other day and just couldn't take her eyes off of her! It was adorable!
Still hoping for surgery late next week...haven't heard anything else. They dropped her feedings down to 9ml again due to her having too much output. Her eyes are looking a little yellowish, maybe getting jaundice? They really need to just do this surgery!


  1. That's awesome that she's doing so well ... I love the smile on Ashlee's face too :) Hopefully soon your little one will be home and you can hold her and play with her and watch her grow in the comfort of your own home ... it's got to be frustrating having to be at the hospital so much ... God's given you the strength to get through each day, no doubt :)

  2. How's she doing since the surgery?? Any word on when she'll be coming home now?? I know you're anxious to enjoy her while she's little yet ... I don't blame you! I just got a rocking chair for when my grandbaby's born in Nov. :) Getting used to this grandma thing little by little ... anxious to see the little guy now! Take one day at a time and know that God is watching over your precious little one :)